Cuba Mission Trip


Mary Ellen Mullikin

Mary Ellen Mullikin

I will be traveling to Cuba for a Christian mission trip (October 24 – Nov 4) and I do need your help in getting there and working there. I need money to support my travel and the mission. (I am willing to paint, pull weeds, wash dishes in trade of a donation) I need tools to take to do the mission and to leave behind for the Cubans to use after we leave. WE need your prayers for a successful ongoing mission. If you are willing to help, monetary donations may be made through our church using the “Give Online” button below.
Thank you so much for even taking the time to read this and for the support you give to my request.
For some time we prayed for my younger brother, Jere, who died of ALS last October. He had many “missions” in life but the one he put his heart and soul in for many many years is a Christian mission trip for Cuba. Each year he helped to pull together a team to travel to Cuba, under very dangerous conditions, to literally build a church. The church was more than a building, it was spreading the Gospel and encouraging Christians to practice their faith. The team had to travel undercover, work undercover, and encourage the people undercover. Jere had so many wonderful and rewarding stories to share with anyone that had lots of time to listen. His stories were never short. This had been his passion for the last, well, many years. They have snuck building materials and the gospel into Cuba with rewards many times over! Each year they have been able to build a house of prayer (usually somewhat small) to help those struggling Christians.
His request was to have his ashes spread in NM, which we did in March and to spread the rest of his ashes in Cuba which will happen on this mission trip. Below is an update Jere had sent last August.
It is that time of year again and I am happily helping another VIM team prepare for their mission to Cuba. I’m hoping that you are interested in continuing your support… you may have contributed funds for Cuba mission work but, most importantly, you have added your prayers for the evangelism work [to win] “Cuba para Cristo” as they say down there. Your prayers sustain all of us and are crucial. Your financial gifts have been utilized to support VIMs, clergy and seminary students, and on-going construction by our Cubano brothers who do not have other sources of support from the USA.
For 2015, the Louisiana VIM to Cuba has been slated to return to Iglesia San Marcos in early October. This relatively large church in Camaguey is the same site worked on in 2012. The sanctuary has been expanded to double the original seating capacity and newly roofed and refurbished tiling on the main floor. The 2015 VIM will be tiling the new mezzanine, painting the interior, and, if time and funds allow, work on bathrooms and Sunday School classrooms. San Marcos does not have support from a USA sister church.
  • Update on Ciego de Avila: Last year, our VIM installed the electrical power and windows in the newly constructed parsonage. It is the only grounded installation I have ever seen in Cuba, complete with subpanels, circuit breakers, and GFI for the kitchen and bathrooms! In the meanwhile, work continued with funds left with them and they are now occupying the parsonage. The Texas home church of one of the 2014 VIM team members is in the process of establishing a “Sister.Church” covenant with the church in Cielo de Avila which will help them with the building of the new church in this town of about 150k which has no evangelical sanctuaries, only small house churches.
  • Update on Jamaica, Guantanamo: In 2013, we removed the old temporary roof from the sanctuary and did other work on the grounds for a covered classroom area. It pains me to report that the sanctuary still has no roof. In 2014, they were unable to get materials while most roofing resources were being routed to hurricane damaged regions on the island. Today they have the metal sheets for the roof but no structural steel trusses…and out of money. They exhausted their funds working on classroom areas and bathrooms. This church is “orphaned” in that there is no USA sister church to help them out…late breaking news from today: there is a church in Tampa Florida that might step up!
    Also, on a bright note, the church of a VIM member adopted one of the Jamaica mission churches…this rural mission has now become a “full” church with its own property (funded by its US sister) and two missions. The goal is to build a church on the property and use the existing structure as the parsonage.
  • Update on Baguanos (2011 VIM): They had their first church services in their new building during 2014 Holy Week. These are the people who had been meeting in a old structure that wasn’t even suitable for an roadside fruit stand! What a wonderful story! They have been matched with a great sister church in Florida to support future work on classrooms and bathrooms.
Those are the quickie updates. Thank you for your prayers and financial support as partners in helping to serve our Lord and proclaim the Gospel in Cuba.
In Christ,
Jere Johnston
Work Site: Construction at Iglesia Metodista La Tierra Prometida in Ciego de Avila, Cuba

Work Site: Construction at
Iglesia Metodista La Tierra Prometida
in Ciego de Avila, Cuba


This construction mission team will travel to the 42,803 square mile island of Cuba, just 90 miles off the coast of Florida. The team will help with the building of a new sanctuary at Ciego de Avila as assigned by the bishop and cabinet of the Cuba Methodist Church. This will be the second mission of the LAVIM to Ciego de Avila. LAVIM and the Louisiana Conference Cuba Initiative boast a long history of strong “hands on” mission effort to this, one of our most in- triguing international neighbors. The Mission Center in Havana houses the office of the Bishop and headquarters the mission of the Cuban Methodist Church. The team will initially house at the Center in Havana, then at lodging provided by the local church.


Both experienced and inexperienced volunteers are needed. Professional or experienced car- penters, plumbers, roofers, and electricians are sought for any construction and repair work team. “Go-fers”, those who enjoy repairing their own homes, weekend painters, hobbyists and those who want to learn a new skill will also find this mission a satisfactory experience. There will be a job for everyone. Spanish translators are a specific need.


The cost of the mission per team member is approximately $2,300.00. The exact cost will be available later when air contracts are completed. The fee includes visa, air and ground transpor- tation, meals and lodging, administration fees and insurance*. Meals en route, some luggage fees, and airport departures fees are not covered in the cost. A deposit of $500 is due with regis- trations and fees should me mailed to NewSong on Old Perkins Road (see registration form).