Finance Chairperson
Counting/Asst. Treasurer
Finance Secretary
Lay Leader
Lay Leader
Howard Corbett
Charles Privette
Billy Martin
Ken Culberson
Melton Arant
Carol Burdette
Bruce Smith
COS Chairperson
S/PPRC Chairperson
Trustee President
Stewardship Chairperson
At Large Class of 2017
At Large Class of 2018
At Large Class of 2019
Jerry Mullikin
April Haynes
Preston Cox
Jennifer Smith
Howard Greene
Bud Starnes
Al Williams


The job of the committee on finance is to identify, perfect, and manage the finance system for the congregation. The finance system is the processes of raising, managing, and dispersing the finances so that the mission and vision of the congregation can be achieved (Guidelines, p. 6).

The Bible speaks frequently about money and wealth and emphasizes the importance of generous giving (Proverbs 22:16; 2 Corinthians 8-9), wise investment (Luke 16:10-13); debt management (Proverbs 21:20; 22:7), prudent fiscal oversight (Luke 12:13-21; Acts 4:32-35); and appropriate attitude (1 Timothy 6:10)….Whatever income and expense is generated by the church is ultimately for the work of ministry (Guidelines, p. 7).

A critical component of this ministry is recognition of the historic differences between Christian stewardship and funding ministry. Funding ministry, often called “fundraising,” consists of the varied tasks associated with gathering funds to enable ministry to take place. Underlying and supporting these tasks, however, is the conceptual discipline of stewardship. In our tradition, we understand ourselves as stewards who respond to our giftedness. It is this balance between the “what” (fundraising) and the “why” (stewardship) that is the genius of Wesleyan financial leadership (Guidelines, p. 8).

With the exception of the pastor, when paid employees serve on the committee on finance, such as financial secretary, treasurer, or business administrator, they serve without vote.

-From Guidelines for Leading Your Congregation 2009-2012: Finance. Copyright © 2008 by Cokesbury. Used by permission.

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