Rev. Melton Arant, chairperson
Class of 2020
Joe Pearson
Ralph Welton
Class of 2021
Andi Cahaly
Martha Jeffries
Arlene Privette
Class of 2022
Ruthie Millar
Jennifer Smith



The charge conference elects members for the committee on nominations and leadership development (formerly the nominating committee or committee on lay leadership). This committee or team serves throughout the year to guide the church council or alternative structure on matters regarding the leadership of the congregation (other than employed staff).  Members of this committee must be sensitive to the leadership needs of the congregation and know the capabilities, gifts, skills and experience of the persons in the congregation.

This committee’s work will affect your life in the church, as well as the lives of others.  The influence of the persons you recruit for the various tasks in your church will go beyond the bounds of your congregation.  These leaders will be representatives of the body of Christ in the surrounding community.

—From Guidelines for Leading Your Congregation: Nominations and Leadership Development, 2009-2012 (Cokesbury, 2008), p. 6


The major responsibilities of this committee are to:

  • get to know members of the congregation and identify (and help them to discern) their skills, gifts, knowledge, and level of commitment
  • identify leadership and service opportunities in your congregation
  • prepare job descriptions for leadership positions
  • match potential leaders with leadership positions and invite persons to serve in those positions, making sure that these persons represent the makeup of your congregation
  • present recommendations to the charge conference
  • equip leaders through training and support

—Adapted from Guidelines for Leading Your Congregation: Nominations and Leadership Development, 2009-2012 (Cokesbury, 2008), pp. 6, 10; and Local Church Officer Job Descriptions: Nominations and Leader Development

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There should not be more than nine members on the committee on nominations and leadership development in addition to the pastor and the lay leader.  All members must be professing members of the local church.  One or more members may be a youth, and at least one member should be a young adult.  Remember that you are encourage to have a diverse and inclusive group, including race, culture, economic status, gender, and age (¶258.1.e)

The pastor chairs the committee, and a lay person elected by the charge conference serves as vice chair.  The membership is divided into three classes, each elected for a three-year term.  This ensures a more stable committee because not everyone is new at the same time.  A rotation is suggested in ¶ 258.1.d of the Discipline.

The committee is responsible to the church council and to the charge conference. In a charge of more than one church, a charge-wide committee may be elected if desired.

—From Guidelines for Leading Your Congregation: Nominations and Leadership Development, 2009-2012, p. 17. Copyright © 2008 Cokesbury. Used by permission.

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