Jennifer Cox Smith, chairperson

Arlene Privette
Rev. Melton Arant
Carol Burdette (Lay Leader)
Kim Browder
Burney Drake
J.C. Cook.
Howard Corbett


Elected by the church conference to provide for the funding of the church’s mission and ministry; to develop, nurture, and grow the congregation’s knowledge and response with regards to major giving and planned giving through estates.

Responsibilities include:

  • to design a plan whereby the annual budget is funded
  • to increase knowledge of the congregation’s ministry and mission
  • to increase the congregation’s stewardship in regards to all of life
  • to provide the infrastructure for donors to receive the assistance they may require in planning their long-term contributions
  • to assist members in planning for their own financial futures
  • to offer recognition when significant gifts are received
  • to be willing to ask for gifts from potential donors