Amanda Miller, Chairperson
Pete McConnell, Vice-Chairperson
Arlene Privette
TK Page
Angel Ruff
Tyler Williams
Bruce Smith
Alanna Arant
Lynn Greene
Matthew Burns
Katie Barnette
The Long-Range Vision and Planning Committee was created in 2014 to begin the process of creating a Vision and a Long-Range Plan for PUMC.  The Group has began evaluating the programs, facilities and ministries of PUMC and will continue with the evaluations of the needs of the church and community.  The group is made up of THREE persons over the age of 45, and EIGHT persons under the age of 45.  This make-up was based on the realization that it would be the UNDER 45 demographic that lives into this long range plan…and those OVER 45 would provide institutional memory and great discernment for the process.