Online Giving (3)

Good stewardship over our financial resources involves the way we earn, spend, save, invest and give. We would like to provide our members a convenient way to give back to God. A way that is very secure and easy. With that, we are pleased to offer online giving.  We understand this isn’t for everyone. 
You may give a specific dollar amount as a one-time gift or a recurring gift at intervals you specify. You will have the option to register so that future giving will be easier. You may also give with an online check. 


While we do not encourage the use of credit cards and incurring debt, we realize that many in today’s society are becoming more reliant on “plastic” and paying their bills electronically. We strongly encourage you to use your debit card over using a credit card. It can be processed as a credit card so that you enjoy the same benefits of using a credit card (protection from fraudulent purchases) without incurring debt.

Electronic Giving

For more information regarding Automatic Debit, gifts of Stock or other ways of giving, contact our chair of finance at