Preschool & After-school Board

Bruce Smith, Chairperson

Class of 2015
Suzanne Atkinson
Jay Hogue

Janette Barnette

Class of 2016
Jane Herstine
Bruce Smith


Class of 2017
Michaela Williams
Cindy Long
Lisa Link


Pastor Lay Leader
Program Co-Director
Program Co-Director
S/PPRC Representative
Trustee Representative
Rev. Melton Arant
Carol Burdette
Heather Furbee
Marie Dahill
Karen Alexander
Bruce Smith
Finance Representative Outreach Representative Children’s Ministry Rep. Preschool ParentAfterschool Parent
Howard Corbett
Bryan Greene 
Josh Runion

Perryn Freeman
Susan Ducket
Charles Privette

This committee oversee’s the operations of the Pre School and After School programs at PUMC. They are responsible for preparing and presenting program budgets to the Stewardship Council for approval, overseeing policies. This committee is also responsible for ensuring that the programs are in line with the mission on PUMC and helping the programs relate to the Church as a whole.
Budgets are sent to the Council of Stewards after review by the Finance Committee, and hires are finalized by the S/PPRC.